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Why Stroopwafels

Why Stroopwafels

The question, why stroopwafels, often is the first question we get. Whether it is on social media platforms or in lectures.

Why stroopwafels? Are you crazy?! An yes we are a bit crazy though.
The question why stroopwafels is easy to explain.

The answer is given in our slogan: ‘’ We Make People Smile’’. We LOVE to Make People Smile.

But how do We Make People Smile?

Well that’s pretty easy. The delicious smell of the warm caramel, the first bite of your crunchy freshly baked stroopwafel, will turn your face in to a smile. Immediately. No exceptions.

And that is pretty awesome for the Dutch who can buy stroopwafels on almost every corner of the street. But what about the rest of the world?
It became our mission and our dream to share this delicious crunchy  caramel filled waffles with the rest of the world. To let everyone experience this typical Dutch treat and put a huge smile on there faces and an amazing feeling in there hearts.

Amsterdam! Good Cookies
We Make People SMile

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